Saturday, June 27, 2009

More than a million South Carolinians don’t have health insurance

If you are from South Carolina then you must read this. As per government statistics more than a million South Carolinians don’t possess health insurance. In today’s age where medical expenses are touching the roof you simply cannot ignore health insurance.

The best option for you would be to opt for health insurance even if it means additional burden on you but one must realize that the benefits outweigh more than the costs attached to it.

Keep these following tips in mind before purchasing a health insurance for yourself:

Check out on websites such as and compare health insurance benefits and prices attached to them.

Visit the Department of Insurance of South Carolina where you can come across complaint records of individual insurance companies.

Opt for the services of a health care broker who will be able to help you in finding out with which company you have a greater chance of being accepted depending on your health conditions. You don’t have to pay your broker a single penny as he or she would be paid commission by the insurance company itself.

So go ahead and get yourself health insurance for your own benefit.

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