Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Set aside money for college with Upromise plan

Are you a teenager who is all set to go to college or a worried father who is concerned about college fees of his child then this is the best time to save for your college education so that you don’t have to run hamper scamper? You must check out the Upromise plan

The Upromise plan enables families to save for their child’s education through 529 college savings plans offered by the company. Whenever an Upromise account is linked to the participating 529 plan it ensures that Upromise savings are transferred automatically into the plan on periodic basis. It’s a free service and members will be able to earn 1 to 25 % on qualified everyday spending.

It’s a good program for self employed people who don’t have an employer-sponsored college savings program. Certainly a cool plan if you would like your kid to zoom through college without any sort of trouble.

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